Active Isolated Stretching 45mins
Experience our unique stretching treatment which incorporates isolated repetitive movements focusing on lengthening your muscles and gently releasing the fascia that surrounds them. This is a beneficial way of increasing flexibility and your functional range of motion.
45 Min
CNY 980.00
Restorative Muscle Therapy 60mins
Sometimes known as deep tissue massage, at Asaya Active we prefer to refer to this service as restorative muscle therapy, whereby the therapist uses targeted pressure and kneading of your muscles to improve your overall body function. This treatment helps to slow your breathing, lower your blood pressure and turn down the intensity of sensations of pain and tension.
60 Min
CNY 1180.00
Sea Salt Scrub 45mins
The focus of this completely transformative therapy is a “double exfoliation” of the skin with natural exfoliants for a radiant body. The whole body is buffed and polished with warm, mineral-rich sea salt and a traditional Japanese tenugui cloth, to relieve tension, detoxify and regenerate radiance. The process reduces inflammation, tightens the skin and boosts
45 Min
CNY 1250.80
Tai Ji Massage 60mins
Harmony within one’s innate character achieved by balancing the qualities of our opposite type, which are reflective of Yin and Yang. This powerful stress releasing treatment, designed to ease the flow of ‘Qi’ along energy channels whilst subtly relaxing fatigued body and feet, following the foot cleansing ritual, reflex zones and pressure points on the body and feet are massaged, combine with the Chinese cupping or Gua Sha therapy can help your body water Drainage. and then a warm soothing compress infused with Traditional Chinese herbs is applied to create an overall feeling of well-being.
60 Min
CNY 2204.80
Tai Ji Massage 90mins
Inner harmony is achieved by balancing our opposing qualities that reflect Yin and Yang. This powerful stress releasing treatment is designed to ease the flow of qi along energy channels whilst subtly relaxing fatigued body and feet. Following a foot cleansing ritual, the pressure points massge with a warm, soothing compress infused with Traditional Chinese herbs pad is applied, the foot reflex zones massage to creat an overall feeling of well-bing
90 Min
CNY 2840.80
Himalayan Salt Stone 90mins
The stone massage uses mineral-rich Himalayan blocks with powered sault to penetrate deeper into the layers of the body. The neuromuscular technique releases the muscle tension and recuperates the body. The Himalayan blocks are originated in the Himalayan tens of millions of years ago and the salt contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. This treatment is beneficial for detoxification.
90 Min
CNY 1992.80
Tui Na Massage 90mins
This oil-free massage uses kneading, rolling, pressing, and rubbing techniques between the joints, known in Chinese as the “Eight Gates.” It is an invigorating massage where we attempt to open your body's defensive wei qi energy and get stagnant energy moving throughout your meridians and into your muscles. It is a common antidote for athletes or for those feeling sluggish, sore or just emotionally stuck.
90 Min
CNY 1674.80
Traditional Ancient Therapy 90mins
Inspired by traditional ancient therapies from China and Japan, this holistic therapy begins with a meridian massage that stimulates acupuncture points to flush out toxins in the body. It continues with a “moxibustion” treatment, whose name is derived from the Japanese word mogusa meaning “burning herb.” This heating therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine rebalances the flow of qi, or life force, and invigorates energy throughout the meridians and muscles. It tones the body and helps to improve nutrient absorption for overall well-being.
90 Min
CNY 1780.80
In-depth Hot Stone Massage 90mins
This profoundly relaxing massage uses warmed stones containing pure natural minerals and trace elements, combined with essential oils and soothing motions, to penetrate deep into muscle layers. This not only reduces muscle fatigue, stifness and pain, but also balances the body's energy and enhances immunity. The body's self-healing system function is activated to improve sleep quality.
90 Min
CNY 2522.80